Project Team

The Host Defense Interractions (HDI) eTraining Portal is developed and run by the HSeT team in collaboration with Contritutors and Trainers.

HDI Team

CliveGrayDepartment of ImmunologySouth Africa
PhotiniKiepielaMRC HPRU DurbanSouth Africa
KolekaMlisanaNelson R Mandela School of MedicineSouth Africa
Jo-Ann PassmoreDivision of Medical Virology Institute of InfectionSouth Africa

HSeT Core team

MarcBreitlerHSeT FoundationSwitzerland
NathalieDebardHealth Sciences eTraining (HSeT) FoundationSwitzerland
Jean-PierreKraehenbuhlHealth Sciences eTraining (HSeT) FoundationSwitzerland
AlainMeystreHealth Sciences eTraining (HSeT) FoundationSwitzerland
BernardRossierUniversity of LausanneSwitzerland

Previous HSeT collaborators

YanCorneille France
GuilhermeMarsonUniversity of Sao PaoloBrazil

Last update: Wednesday, June 22, 2011
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